Counselling for Soul

The soul is that part of us often hidden away that speaks through whispers, through our dreams, our imaginings, fantasies and intuitions. The ancient Greeks believed it was our life breath or psyche. These whispers are all too easily drowned out by the realities of our day to day life especially in our busy and high pressure modern society. It is all too easy to loose touch with who we truly are and what we truly wish for.
Alton Counselling
It was Shakespeare who said "All the world’s a stage …". He probably wasn’t thinking of counselling when he wrote that but if we consider our own lives to be a stage then we will find on that stage our parents, grandparents and siblings. Perhaps that difficult teacher from school or that kindly aunt that used to listen to us when no one else would. All are present along with our child selves, our young adult selves and who we think we are now. What a tangle of voices! And there are the cultural influences through the generations with many tales repressed by biases of gender, race, class, religion, politics etc. And then there is the archetypal which can manifest through the arts, poetry, myths and religion. And finally the sorrow of the world; the anima mundi. And in amongst all this cacophony on the stage there is a quiet voice - the soul, which yearns to tell it’s own unique story. This is what I seek to hear in counselling. To meet you on that life stage.